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Our Story

Edwards Home Health was founded in May of 2012, by Edward Marroquin in Georgetown, Texas. Having worked in the home care industry for other agencies throughout Central Texas, Edward decided to make his agency a better place.

Edward’s vision was to have an agency that cared about the needs of both the clients and their perspective family members through “compassion”.  With that in mind, he would start Edwards Home Health, Inc. to exceed those expectations.

Edwards Home Health had a humble beginning and has since grown to their headquarters based out of Austin, Texas.  Through God’s will and strength, Edwards Home Health has now expanded into the San Antonio area and now covers 19 counties.

Every individual that Edwards Home Health interacts with on a daily basis, whether its our team members, clients, family members, or any other contacts, are given our complete attention and care.  Edwards Home Health provides care and compassion from the heart.

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